Pictures of dishes prepared by students and sent

Stuffed bun By Shweta
Stuffed Bun by Shweta

Mexican Platter
Mexican platter by Shama

Sharkarpara and Puri Recipe

½ cup sugar
½ cup ghee
½ water
Maida appox 3 - 4 cups

Mix sugar, ghee and water. Put to boil. Cook till sugar dissolves. Remove and keep aside till it becomes warm and not cool.
Stir in  maida 1 cup at a time. Keep adding maida and kneading with hand till you get a stiff dough.(therefore maida measurement is appox. Dough should be stiffer than chapatti dough. Take care not too add too much maida -- as then one cannot add more water---  so add maida little by little while kneading continuously.)
Roll out this dough into ¼ inch thick chapatti. Cut into diamond shape.
To fry the above shankerpara take oil heat to warm put the shankerpara in it and fry in warm oil till golden brown.
Note do not let the oil become too hot or u will have soft shankarparas.

3 cup gahu ka atta / whole wheat flour                  1/2 teaspoon bhuna jeera powder
1 teaspoon ajwain                                              1/2 cup oil + to deep fry
2 teaspoon salt 

Add all the masalas to flour. stir to mix. Rub in oil.
Using enough water make dough-having a stiff consistency. 
Roll out the dough and cut into rounds of desired size.
Heat oil to warm, fry the puris on slow flame till brown. Note do not fry the puris in hot oil or they will remain soft.

Lentil Soup / Sprouts soup

Black Chana  1/2 cup                                      1 teaspoon ginger
mixed sprouts 1/2 cup                                     2-3 lemon grass sticks
5 cups water                                                    1 green chili
1 teaspoon cornflour                                       salt to taste
4-5 baby corn sliced                                        10 mushrooms sliced
1 carrot sliced                                                   1 teaspoon lemon juice or to taste
1 tablespoon oil                                                1/2 teaspoon freshly crushed pepper

Soak the black chana overnight. Mix sprouts with soaked channa along with its water. Add more water to make it total 5 cups. Either pressure cook for 2 whistles or microwave for 4 minutes. 
Strain out the water. This forms the stock of our soup.
Boil the above stock along with lemon grass, green chili and ginger for 3 minutes. Cool and strain.  
Heat 1 tablespoon oil add bay corn saute till light brown specs appear on them. Add mushrooms, saute till water present in mushrooms dries up. Add carrots and saute for few seconds. Add the cooled and stained stock. Bring to a boil. Add lemon juice, salt and pepper powder. Mix.
Mix corn flour in little water and add to above. bring to a boil. Adjust seasoning if required. Serve hot.

Sprouts Salad
Use the left over sprouts and black chana in a salad--- simply add some cut onions, tomatoes and cucumber. 
Toss with salt, lemon juice, pepper powder and serve.  

Orange Desire

Kirti tried the Orange Desire and sent the pic.

Word of praise from Megha

HI Rajul,
 This is Megha Madhamshettiwar. I have attended ur mexican n snacks classes. In r society we had stalls for the ganapati funfare.  I had kept tacos. U wld not believe it I made a sale  of Rs 1400/- just in approx 90 mins. It was a total hit. I had people cmg an telling me time n again that it is just flawless.  Just for some tangy taste I was topping it with homemade salsa. Everyone  really freaked on it. So thanx a ton for teaching me this wonderfil dish.
Thank You

Guacamole Recipe

1 ripe avocado -- should be dark in color as light color ones can be bitter   
1 small tomato de-seeded and chopped
1/2 onion finely chopped
2 teaspoon lime juice
salt to taste 
1/4th teaspoon garlic optional

Cut open the avocado and scoop out the pulp from inside.  Mash the pulp. Add chopped tomatoes, onions, garlic,salt and lime juice. Mix well. Serve chilled with corn chips.

Mangla sends pic of Chaat

Mangla took part in a cookery competition werein she made the award winning entry of Katori chaat.
Posted by Picasa

Poonam on Chaats

Lovely Chaat..
I Tried making the Dahi Bhalla Chaat and the pani puri..I was scared about the Bhalla's turning soft..but by using the same method what Rajul thought they turned out great..also both the chutneys and pani for pani puri was very nice..My hubby loved it as well as his friends...looking forward for more mouth watering recepies....
Poonam Agrawal

Cinammon Bread Dessert

Cinammon Toasted Crispes

4 bread slices toasted                                                              Whipped cream 100 gms
Cinnamon to sprinkle as required                                              Butter as required

Powdered sugar to sprinkle as required

Choice of fresh fruits chopped (pomegranate, apple, pineapple, strawberry, orange etc)

Butter the toasted bread slightly on both sides
On both sides of the buttered  bread sprinkle some Cinnamon  and powdered sugar.

Toast to warm on a pan so that the butter melts and hols the sugar and Cinnamon onto the bread.

Remove onto a cooling rack and cut into four.

Pipe fresh cream onto the cut splices using the big star nozzle.

Sprinkle chopped fresh fruits on top and serve immediately.

Just the dessert to serve at a minutes notice. Looks good and tastes even better

Kirti Sends more pics

It was great and yummy!I am a huge fan of coffee and chocolate.And tiramisu is like heaven for me.Now theirs no point in going to bakery  to buy one when I can make it myself.

Hey my jiju became a great fan of your thai food now i have to teach him the Pad thai noodles and thai red cuury!

Some muffin pics sent By Kirti

Made this muffins today, they are plain muffins with tutti-fruti.I just loved to decorate the muffins and thanks to you as always "Let your imagination fly" I tried some of it.
Will be trying some more next week.
P.S:-As usual my hubby couldn't keep his hands of the muffins will be trying Thai food tomm.

Parna sent her feedback

I love to cook and opted to take the cooking lessons from Rajul. Everyday was a new adventure in cooking, we used only the finest freshest ingredients and then, the best part, we sat down to the wonderful meal we had just prepared. Cooking classes were informal, comfortable, practical and full of information. The classes were "hands-on," working side by side with Rajul, an experienced cook. She truly knows what she is teaching and her passion for the food is contagious. My overall favourite was the Chat class and Thai class among the few classes I attended till date, waiting to learn more. Though she teaches pure vegetarian recipes, but she guides the non-veg lovers like me with options. Thank you so much for teaching me to cook all the delicious food, all those tips and tricks to cook fast. I must conclude saying that “Anyone who does not take these classes while in Pune will miss out on experiencing brilliance at its definition. “
thanks a ton!

Recipes for Cakes

Hi have added recipes for cakes with eggs and without eggs too. Please do try them as am sure they will turn out great. Do follow the method illustrated in the class to be able to serve great cakes all the time.

Happy Baking
Mangla Sent the cake pics she made
First I have prepared a very small cake with the ingredients shown in the receipe, just to check whether it will be OK as I had to give it to my friend's birthday (Operator in my college).  When it was ok, I prepared the same cake with double quantity and decorated.  I am sending a picture of the same and also the cakes prepared earlier.

I really don't believe each of them who tried a very small piece praised me like anything.  Even one of my friend has told me to teach her.  Some of them thought it was purchased from monginis and were turning around the cake box up and down to find the missing stamp of monginis.  One of the senior most person to whom we had fooled that it was from outside, was confused because he said I don't like cake from outside but this seems very tasty.  Sending some of the pictures and also the pineapple cake photo.
Thanks for the wonderful and awesome receipe.  I had attend two classes of eggless cakes earlier but failed.  Hence I was not at all confident.  But after the praises from a small kid to senior citizens, I have now become overconfident.
Only I am ale to get through the rose petals.  I don't remember which colour you had used.  While adding and trying different colours, my cream had become very lose and could not hold the petals.  Hence only the roses have been failed.  I was confused with rasberry and orange red colour, mixed both and the final colour you will see in the picture.
Regards and see you
Mangal Javalekar

Ratna sent her feedback

I think its a common knowledge by now that all your classes are amazing...but just wanted to add that in these classes i not just learnt recipes ..but the classes also widened my horizon when it came to cooking....i can now experiment...and can now add new twists to the taught recipes or make something of own....being in the class helped me do things without hesitation...I can now pick sauces , exotic vegetables , new cooking appliances without this fear that they would be a waste....the classes not just provide recipes but also whole new perspective to cooking....U would often hear rajul say "think out of the box"...this is precisely whhat would happen after attending the classes...

Fruit Brulee
3 Large Mangoes, skinned and chopped.
350gr grapes, pips removed and skins (optional)
250ml cream
175ml plain yoghurt / curds
150ml soft brown sugar.
1.Place layers of the above fruit in a serving bowl. Set aside while you prepare the topping.
2.Hang the curds.  Beat cream until thick.
3.Add the curds /  yoghurt and combine well.
4. Pour this mixture over the fruit.
5. Sprinkle with a thick layer of soft brown sugar.
6. Refrigerate for 2-3 hrs so the sugar can form a crust.
Serves 6 people.
You can replace the mangoes & grapes wit any other fresh fruits of your choice.

New Recipes

New recipes posted in Breakfast recipe page:  Open corn Sandwich

All new recipes will b posted first so that you will view the latest recipe first.
Please leave your comments on the recipes as well as the new look of the blog.
Looking forward to your suggestions and feedback --so as to improve your experience on the blog.
Hope the recipes add flavor to your day.

Ratna worte

Finally got the time to pen the much deserved but long delayed testimonial.

The workshops are really addictive. The worshops have now become integral part of my weekend schedule.
anything and evrything taught turns out yummylicios.....

Must attends are :- Chaats, Rice, Thai ,Mexican, Its Different....actually all

Am eagerly waiting for chinese.

Only complain: Want a bigger share of whatever is cooked in the class :P


Classes In May

15th Saturday --- Mexican Cuisine 

22nd May Saturday --- Rice Dishes   

29th May Saturday --- Quick Bites

5th June Saturday --- Italian

 The Schedule is subject to change without prior notice. Please check at the time of registering for the same  
Timing - 1-4 p.m      Fee Rs 330/- each

To register Call 9766622662 or email
To know what is taught in each class Please read Courses offered

Student Wrote

Hi Rajul,
Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful recipes you have taught me-- no one at home can believe that i have made the food at home and not ordered it out form somewhere.
Thanks for sharing all the tips and knowledge--- never have found someone who is so willing to help and share her knowledge---Something i have not come across in any other class-- ur willingness to help even after the class ---be it by phone or email and of course your prompt replies to all the queries.
Though I will not be able to attend more of your classes as am moving out-- but will surely miss them and hope to catch them when ever i am back.

Sent by email : Ritika

New classes

Two new classes have been devloped for the next season starting May 15th
Just Parathas
Cottage cheese and Spinach Paraths
Methi Tephla
Aloo ka Paratha
Mixed veg. Paratha
Bean and cheese paratha
Gobi aur Gajar Paratha
Lots of variations

Crepes and Wraps
Oriental Wrap
Corn n Bell Pepper crepes
Malay Wrap
Mexican Crepes
Cheese Sauce
Honey and Mustard Sauce

New Recipes

The summer is here so thought will post some mock tails recipes to keep you all cool. do try them and send in your feed backs.

New recipes are posted on the recipe page so check it out and enjoy.

Classes are starting from May 15th so don't forget to send in your requests

Happy Holidays

Its that time of year again when I take my break from classes and head to North India for my well awaited break. The time when I think of new recipes-- so that i can have all my students coming back for more.
Do watch this space for some recipes and great cooking ideas.
So till Season 3 ----which begins on May 15th--- here is to all my students and followers A Very Happy Holiday---I am still a phone call away or an email away for all your queries--- so keep cooking those great dishes till we meet again.

Feedback from Anjani

feedbacks for Chaats n the mughlai class!..
Chaats!.. wat a class!.. yummy..... aloo chaat was mind blowing... uuuummmmmmm!.... n the dahi bhalla chaaat!.. katori chaat!.. yum!.. especially the left overs were a super hit in my house!.. now i know if kuch chatpata khaana hai to chutneys tayyar rakho!.. even ur happy n so is the family!..

mughlai... See More!.. this class is a super blessing in disguise!.. expecially coz i cud never make an interesting vegetabe which went in the tiffin n i cud wait for a call at 1 saying awesome!.. but this really made me get it!.. n the best part the vegetables taste just like the restaurants.. n there is not water flowing out of the curies when put on the plate!.. n there is no oil floating over the vegetables!.. thank u so much.. ur recipes are a super blessing in disguise!.. i wont b surprised a year from now my family wud say lets eat at home than going to a restaurant!.. thank you.. im saving my money!.. n making it healthy n yummy!!!!!!

Maithili on Thai class

Thanks Rajul . l simply loved the THAI class. Managed to make the Tom Yum Soup a couple of times and so also Pad thai noodles. turned out real good.

Egg less Crepes

1 cup plain flour
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
3 tablespoon powdered sugar or to taste
2 tablespoon curds
2 tablespoon melted butter / oil
1/4 tsp vanilla essence
milk as required

Mix all the ingredients and add enough milk to get a thin smooth batter, without any lumps. Check the desired sweetness.
Heat a lightly oiled non stick pan, pour 2 ladles (appox 4 tbsp.) of above batter and spread out into a thin layer. Pour a tsp of oil around the crepe. cook till bottom browns slightly, Loosen with a spatula, turn and cook the other side.
Serve hot with your favorite sauce ---maple syrup, honey or just chocolate sauce

You might just have to make many batches
These crepes were such a hit with my children that they have become our favorite breakfast. (wonder when they will have enough of them) 
Sanaya says ---- they were awesommmmmmme
Samika says----- i loved them ---- just loved them--- mummy it was yummy !!!!!!!!!!

Rajul Sanghvi


Hi Rajul,
      Today i'm very happy just bcoz of u........... today i made mexican for dinner and ervry1 liked it very much.... it was really yummy......... and all credit goes to u. u taught very well very well and the way u taught is very friendly. Now nfor next i wanna learn THAI & ITALIAN form u soon....
    thanks again

The class will be closed for 2 weeks and I sure do hope to start the session from 13th March. Do keep checking the blog for some new recipes-- which i hope to post in the free time I get. In the meantime do send in requests, for the class you would like me to schedule in the Month of March.
All those waiting for the Ice cream class --- will finally see it  as nothing better than ice cream in this month.

Wishing You all a very Happy Holi--- may the colors brighten your life and Happy Cooking.
Do write in your cooking experiences to and don't forget to share your favorite recipes.

Apple Tart Recipe

Preheat Oven to 180
Crust: 1 Cup flour    
           half cup sugar
          1 Cup coconut (desiccated)                          
          250g Margarine
Mix well together until resembles a crumbly texture.
Grease a pie dish... and  add 3/4 of the mixture press into pie dish then add teaspoons of apricot jam here and there.
Cook 2 Large apples sliced  with 2 cloves, 1 tbsp sugar (if apples are less sweet can add up to 3 tbsp sugar)
Add Half cup raisins., 1 teaspoon Cinnamon
Mix well. cook till dry.
Add to Pie crust.
Sprinkle the last 1/4 of crumbed mixture
Bake in oven at 180 for approx 30 mins or until golden brown.
Serve with Fresh Cream or Ice Cream 
Contribute by :-Cheryl

Class Feedback

Anonymous said...
Finally got the time to pen the much deserved but long delayed testimonial. The workshops are really addictive. The worshops have now become integral part of my weekend schedule. anything and evrything taught turns out yummylicios..... Must attends are :- Chaats, Rice, Thai ,Mexican, Its Different....actually all Am eagerly waiting for chinese. Only complain: Want a bigger share of whatever is cooked in the class :P Ratna

Mexican salad

1 cups corn chips roughly broken
1 cup shredded lettuce
1/4 cup re fried beans / Rajma boiled
1/4 cup salsa sauce
some jalapenos chopped

On a plate spread a layer of corn chips, on them put re fried beans, on it put salsa sauce.
Mix jalapenos and shredded lettuce and put on top of salsa sauce. Lastly add a dollop of mayonnaise or sprinkle some grated cheese on it. Add some spice sprinkle some chili flakes.

Contributed by Rajul

Anjani wrote

Had a lovely party last night.. the paneer roll ups and the pasta spinach rwraps turned out awesome!.. the mushroom flavour jus stood out..the mocktail was a super hit!>.. PEACH SATIN!.. VOILA!.. U make me feel so confident when it comes to cooking.. plus like cooking!.. feel so bad i missed the italian class.. wanna make sure im there for the mexican class..
Anjani Shah

Feedback on class

Hi rajul
Happy new year to all of you
I have attended a few classes of yours. It was a wonderful experience. Everybody in my family loved the recipes. Now I am waiting for your Chinese class, this time when you schedule it please keep it on a Saturday so that I can attend.

Feedback on More Snacks Class

Awesome workshop.. everything was so yummy.. fabulous.. n best part easy to make!.. the indonesian potatoes was a major hit.. n the spich wrap tres bien... n the dessert made out of the corn horns.. the new dip and the stir fry.,... tooo good!.. ur classes jus rock!.. its like there is so much more u wanna do in the kitchen now!.. 
Anjani Shah