Mocktail Recipes


 Water Melon  Mocktail
1 cup watermelon juice
honey to sweeten - as required
1/4th tsp salt or to taste

Few fresh leaves of mint torn
2 to 3 lemon wedges ( cut lemon into wedges)
dash Tabasco sauce
crushed ice

in a Tall  glass take mint leaves and lemon wedges and smash a bit to extract juice. add crushed ice and top with watermelon juice add honey and salt and stir. Serve Chilled.

Mango Berry Cooler

1 Ripe mango cut in to large pieces
1 mango cut in to small pieces
1 tsp lemon juice
few mint leaves for decoration
8 scoops vanilla ice cream
1/2 cup strawberry crush
crushed ice as required

In a mixer add the large mango pieces and ice cream. Churn till smooth. add little milk if reqiured.
add lemon juice and strawberry crush and mix for a second.
In tall glasses add crushed ice till half full, Pour the above in to the glasses. Top with cut mango pieces and decorate with mint sprigs.

Variations Add orange juice instead of strawberry crush

Peanut Butter Chocolate Shake

1/2 cup milk
1/2 banana  chopped
8 tablespoon chocolate sauce (fun food brand)
2 cups vanilla ice cream
1tablespoon smooth peanut butter (optional--- only use if the flavor is liked)

Add all the ingredients in a mixer and blend well. Pour into glasses with crushed ice and serve chilled with twirls of whipped cream 
 Mango Colada
1 mango sliced                             1 cup mango juice
1 cup soda                                    6 tablespoon coconut milk       
2 scoops mango ice cream

In a blender blend mango pieces, juice, coconut milk and mango drink. Mix in ice cream and soda serve chilled over crushed ice.
Beet and orange fusion
1 beet root boiled                                  Juice of 1 orange
pepper powder to taste                          1/4 teaspoon black salt or to taste
Few dashes of Tabasco                          crushed ice
mint leaves and orange slices to decorate

Method: In a mixer jar add everything except mint leaves and churn. pour into tall glass and garnish with chopped mint leaves and round slice of orange. 

Cardinal Punch
1 cup cranberry juice
1/2 cup orange juice
few drops of fresh ginger juice
1/2 cup limca or soda
Few mint leaves, crushed
Lime slices 
Crushed ice

In a mocktail shaker add the above ingredients, except the limaca. Shake well. Add Limca stir and pour into salt  rimmed glasses and serve immediately.

Virgin Mary

1 cup tomato juice
Dash of Tabasco
Pinch of salt
Dash of Worcestershire sauce
Crushed ice

Shake all the ingredients well in a mocktails shaker and serve in salt rimmed glasses.

Lucious Lychee and Apple Cooler
1/2 an apple finely chopped
1 cup apple juice
1/2 cup lychee juice
few mint leaves finely chopped

Mix all the above ingredients and serve chilled. 
To add an extra zing to the drink add few drops of fresh ginger juice

Green Fizz
1/4 cup Khus Khus syrup 
1/2 teaspoon lime juice 
300 ml soda 
crushed ice
few mint leaves to garnish

Stir Khus Khus syrup, lemon juice and soda together. add in mint leaves. Immediatey pour into glasses top with crushed ice and serve. 

Musk Melon Cooler
1 Small musk melon cleaned and chopped
1 table spoon lime juice or to taste
1 cup orange juice
few mint leaves torn
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoon strawberry crush

In a mixer crush together musk melon, orange juice and strawberry crush till smooth. check Sweetness and sourness and accordingly add honey and lime juice. blend. Remove in a jar
Add crushed ice and mint leaves and shake well.
Serve immediately and feel refreshed.

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