Q: What is the mode of teaching? Do i get hands on experience in class?
Ans: The class is based on the Demonstrative format, where in all the recipes are demonstrated and shown in class. This format does not involve hands on individual work stations.

For those interested in hands on format can send in query for the class... but yes the fees will be on a higher side and class feasibility will depend on getting a group of 10 students.

Q: Do I Need to Carry anything for the class?
Ans: Just carry a pen along to write extra notes. A recipe booklet is provided.

Q: I'm New To Cooking. Do I Need To Have Any Special Skills To Attend Class?

Ans: Not at all. We're here to teach, and students of any skill level are welcome. If you're new to cooking, we suggest you ask plenty of questions; sometimes people are shy about asking questions, and that really is one of the best ways to learn.

Q: Do I need Prior Confirmation?
Ans: Yes Prior confirmation is required. The same can be availed via sms, email or phone

Order of Confirmations:
1. Reserved Confirmations against advance payment of fees [non refundable] wherein a seat will be reserved for you.

2. In case not possible to pay in advance, you can opt to confirm via phone, email or sms.  The seating for such confirmations would be provided on first come, first seat basis, with preference given to those who have prior confirmations and arrive not later than 12:45 pm.

Please do ensure arrival at the class latest by 12:45 pm. Do take adequate consideration for the time that will be taken due to growing traffic and general parking.

It is extremely difficult for answering phone calls once the class starts as it disrupts the flow, so do call prior to 12.45 pm in case u need directions. For convenience, the classes are pinned on google maps and leading maps.

Phone No. 9766622662
email id   rajulsanghvi@gmail.com
*rights of admission reserved

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  1. could you please tell the recipe of eggless rava cake?