Feedback from Anjani

feedbacks for Chaats n the mughlai class!..
Chaats!.. wat a class!.. yummy..... aloo chaat was mind blowing... uuuummmmmmm!.... n the dahi bhalla chaaat!.. katori chaat!.. yum!.. especially the left overs were a super hit in my house!.. now i know if kuch chatpata khaana hai to chutneys tayyar rakho!.. even ur happy n so is the family!..

mughlai... See More!.. this class is a super blessing in disguise!.. expecially coz i cud never make an interesting vegetabe which went in the tiffin n i cud wait for a call at 1 saying awesome!.. but this really made me get it!.. n the best part the vegetables taste just like the restaurants.. n there is not water flowing out of the curies when put on the plate!.. n there is no oil floating over the vegetables!.. thank u so much.. ur recipes are a super blessing in disguise!.. i wont b surprised a year from now my family wud say lets eat at home than going to a restaurant!.. thank you.. im saving my money!.. n making it healthy n yummy!!!!!!

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