Sharkarpara and Puri Recipe

½ cup sugar
½ cup ghee
½ water
Maida appox 3 - 4 cups

Mix sugar, ghee and water. Put to boil. Cook till sugar dissolves. Remove and keep aside till it becomes warm and not cool.
Stir in  maida 1 cup at a time. Keep adding maida and kneading with hand till you get a stiff dough.(therefore maida measurement is appox. Dough should be stiffer than chapatti dough. Take care not too add too much maida -- as then one cannot add more water---  so add maida little by little while kneading continuously.)
Roll out this dough into ¼ inch thick chapatti. Cut into diamond shape.
To fry the above shankerpara take oil heat to warm put the shankerpara in it and fry in warm oil till golden brown.
Note do not let the oil become too hot or u will have soft shankarparas.

3 cup gahu ka atta / whole wheat flour                  1/2 teaspoon bhuna jeera powder
1 teaspoon ajwain                                              1/2 cup oil + to deep fry
2 teaspoon salt 

Add all the masalas to flour. stir to mix. Rub in oil.
Using enough water make dough-having a stiff consistency. 
Roll out the dough and cut into rounds of desired size.
Heat oil to warm, fry the puris on slow flame till brown. Note do not fry the puris in hot oil or they will remain soft.

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