Mangla Sent the cake pics she made
First I have prepared a very small cake with the ingredients shown in the receipe, just to check whether it will be OK as I had to give it to my friend's birthday (Operator in my college).  When it was ok, I prepared the same cake with double quantity and decorated.  I am sending a picture of the same and also the cakes prepared earlier.

I really don't believe each of them who tried a very small piece praised me like anything.  Even one of my friend has told me to teach her.  Some of them thought it was purchased from monginis and were turning around the cake box up and down to find the missing stamp of monginis.  One of the senior most person to whom we had fooled that it was from outside, was confused because he said I don't like cake from outside but this seems very tasty.  Sending some of the pictures and also the pineapple cake photo.
Thanks for the wonderful and awesome receipe.  I had attend two classes of eggless cakes earlier but failed.  Hence I was not at all confident.  But after the praises from a small kid to senior citizens, I have now become overconfident.
Only I am ale to get through the rose petals.  I don't remember which colour you had used.  While adding and trying different colours, my cream had become very lose and could not hold the petals.  Hence only the roses have been failed.  I was confused with rasberry and orange red colour, mixed both and the final colour you will see in the picture.
Regards and see you
Mangal Javalekar

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