Parna sent her feedback

I love to cook and opted to take the cooking lessons from Rajul. Everyday was a new adventure in cooking, we used only the finest freshest ingredients and then, the best part, we sat down to the wonderful meal we had just prepared. Cooking classes were informal, comfortable, practical and full of information. The classes were "hands-on," working side by side with Rajul, an experienced cook. She truly knows what she is teaching and her passion for the food is contagious. My overall favourite was the Chat class and Thai class among the few classes I attended till date, waiting to learn more. Though she teaches pure vegetarian recipes, but she guides the non-veg lovers like me with options. Thank you so much for teaching me to cook all the delicious food, all those tips and tricks to cook fast. I must conclude saying that “Anyone who does not take these classes while in Pune will miss out on experiencing brilliance at its definition. “
thanks a ton!

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  1. Thanks Parna feels good to have touched your lives in a good way and changed the way you cook. Hoping to see at more classes.