The class will be closed for 2 weeks and I sure do hope to start the session from 13th March. Do keep checking the blog for some new recipes-- which i hope to post in the free time I get. In the meantime do send in requests, for the class you would like me to schedule in the Month of March.
All those waiting for the Ice cream class --- will finally see it  as nothing better than ice cream in this month.

Wishing You all a very Happy Holi--- may the colors brighten your life and Happy Cooking.
Do write in your cooking experiences to and don't forget to share your favorite recipes.


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  2. Hi Rajul,
    If possible can u take class for cakes and baking stuff...
    as in desserts and muffins,mousses etc.
    and surely i'll like to attend ice cream class.
    Malvika Goyal