Water Melon Mocktail

1 cup watermelon juice
honey to sweeten - as required
1/4th tsp salt or to taste

Few fresh leaves of mint torn
2 to 3 lemon wedges ( cut lemon into wedges)
dash Tabasco sauce
crushed ice

in a Tall  glass take mint leaves and lemon wedges and smash a bit to extract juice. add crushed ice and top with watermelon juice add honey and salt and stir. Serve Chilled.

Feedback from Natasha Rodricks Naidu

                                                     Hey Rajul, 
I made these rolls for sunday breakfast.Shaped the rolls before we left for mass and after we returned, baked them. 
I wanted to say a big thank you, straight from my heart for all your advice and help. 
Chirag used to complain of a yeasty smell but these loaves didn't have any-soft, delicious and melt-in-the mouth silkiness. 
                                                      Went beautifully with butter and chai. ;) 

Feel free to use my message and pics on your blog to get more people to sign up for your classes. 

Take care of yourself. 

Mixed Platter Class

If its Variety you are looking for, then this is just the right mix of  different recipes which cater to all taste buds...

Workshop on  Mixed Platter  is scheduled on  7th July Saturday from  1-4 p.m
The following recipes will be demonstrated.
  • Corn n asparagus corustades
  • Veg. in black bean sauce
  • Shammi kebabs
  • Corn and bean burrito
  • Herb rice croquettes
  • Baby corn fritters
    For registration call 9766622662 or email your name and telephone
    Fee Rs 500-

    Strawberry Cup Cakes

    For the cakes:

    130g soft, unsalted butter                       130 g grain sugar powdered in mixer
    2 medium eggs                                       120g plain flour
    2 teaspoons baking powder                   1 tsp vanilla / strawberry essence 
    1 tbsp milk

    For the topping:
    75g soft, unsalted butter
    200g icing sugar
    100g strawberries, chopped finely

     Preheat the oven to 200C.
     Beat the butter, sugar till light and fluffy. Crack in the eggs, and beat again until smooth. 
    Stir in the flour, baking powder and vanilla essence, milk and mix until it forms a dropping consistency. In case required add a teaspoon more milk

    Pour the cake batter into 12 cupcake molds and bake in the oven for about 15-20 minutes, 
    until firm and springy to the touch. Lift out gently and cool on a wire rack.

    For the topping
    Beat the butter and icing sugar together until it forms a stiff paste.  
    Fold in the chopped strawberries. 
    As you mix, the juice from the strawberries will turn the icing pink; 
    it will also loosen it considerably. 
    Spoon a teaspoonful or so onto each cupcake and top with cut strawberries.