Workshop on Artisan Bread Baking - Online

Artisan Breads Workshop Covers the core concepts and basic techniques of artisan bread baking. You will learn different approaches to mixing dough, the essentials of fermentation, how to pre-shape and shape different breads, and how to achieve a successful bake.

Date: 29th Dec Wednesday 2021

Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30 p.m
Fee: Rs 1100

To register call or sms to 9766622662 / 9823844393

A Semi hands on and Interactive class where you will learn to make a basic yeast dough and there on how shape n Bake

  • Stuffed buns
  • Focaccia
  • Bread sticks
  • Pull Apart Pizza SwirlsBanana Cinnamon Bread
  • Multi grain Tomato Loaf
  • White Bread Loaf
  • Ladi Pav
  • Bread Muffins
  • Thick Crust Pizza Base
  • Baguettes 
  • Different Bread Shapes: 
  • Caterpillar Roll,
  • Mini Breads,
  • Kaiser Roll,  ner Rolls, 
  • Knot, 
  • Challah and many more 


  1. i wish i hd a private jet landin directly at roof of ur house.....:(

  2. I never believed that I will learn to make such delicious and soft breads in India.

  3. Hope u have a weekend bread class very soon..I am really waiting for it.

  4. Hope u have a weekend bread class very soon..I am really waiting for it.


  5. Great looking dish! Make me hungry!

  6. Great stuff here. A happy holiday season to you and your readers!

  7. Rajul dear,
    The entire family returned from Mumbai last Saturday, famished. I welcomed them home first with the delicious aroma of pizza baking in the oven and then with a soft base, crisp on the top, deliciously melted mozarella and salami, olives and basil.
    I loved listening to the mmmmm's and the wow, this is delicious comments. And I have you to thank for.
    Will see you around..thanks for your continuous support over mail.
    Have a wonderful and fruitful new year!

  8. Made bread 2day. It came out really well. Good recipe Thanks

  9. Tried the Dip recipe Amazing!!:-)thx loved the bread class

  10. I made some stuffed buns and my family was really amazed. They were fabulous. I also made chocolate stuffed bins and my son just gobbled them up.

  11. Tried the buns and the fish shaped bread they turned out great Thanks

  12. Made the fish bread with fish filling, the various shapes of dinner rolls turned superb, the parker rolls turned a little too crunchy, n plain buns lovely frowning on the top :-) thx
    Nisha Cardoz

  13. It took me 4 hrs of slogging in d kitchen to get the recipe of focaccia right and it turned out delicious that my mom took 5 mins to finish half of it. Indeed was super awesome. Thanks a lot for d breads workshop. Its a new way of making my mom happy. Looking forward to making croissants now

  14. Very disappointed that the workshop is only open to women! Perhaps this primitive and discriminatory policy should be mentioned on the website.

    1. As the workshops are attended by women mostly and to avoid any inconvenience to them, it was thought better to restrict entry to accompanied men only-- No single men allowed. Hope you understand the same, In case you can be accompanied by your partner for the first time.. the workshop is open to you.
      Thanks Rajul

    2. What should I do to join? I have no wife and girlfriend. Bahut nainsaafi hai.

  15. Hi Rajul, tried the normal n stuffed buns today after having learnt them at class yesterday. They had turned out amazinggg. Everyone luved them. Thx a ton. Unfortunately pic is not getting posted.

  16. Hi Rajul,
    I attended ur breads class on 15th Feb. and i tried the Fociaccia on Sunday and got it right in the first time. it came out just Awesome:D Thank you so much for sharing your Talent and gift, your very good with ur demos :)

  17. hey Rajul,
    the workshop was wonderful...after knowing the in depth the knowledge you possessed about baking and your enthusiasm/ passion to teach . i cant say much but. you are The Best Teacher i could ever have. Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge with people like me as it is has now given me confidence to go ahead n make some yummmy breads

  18. Oh :( I cam here to get the number and register for the class, had kept this in mind since 3 months now.. since i couldn't attend the cake baking....
    I really hope this class is rescheduled soon. Thanks -Sheetal

  19. Hello rajul, I will be in pune between, 28th of April to 20th of may. Any bread making classes you are giving between that period?

  20. sorry closed for summer in the month of April

  21. hi rajul.. im in pune from 26may to 6 june..want to join bread artisan class..please schdule a class in the time period please

  22. i want to learn bread, cookies,italian