Designer Crafted Chocolate Workshop

Hand Crafted Designer Basic n Advanced chocolates

Become an expert Chocolitiare Learn the Art and techniques involved in making Designer chocolates Get an insight into the various kinds of chocolates and how to work with Compounds and Real Chocolates

Date: 23rd August 2017 Wednesday
Timing:  1:00 pm to 4:30 pm            
 Fee Rs 1200
To register call / sms to  9766622662  

In this Interactive and semi hands on class participants will learn 
  • Tempering techniques for compounds and Couvertures
  • Understanding Crystallization in chocolates and right working temperatures   
  • Choosing of  different molds for chocolates and their proper handling and storage
  • Adding and paring of Flavors 
  • Creating your base signature chocolate 
  • Making colored chocolates
  • Techniques to create designs and patterns on chocolate
  • Use of dust and Sheen 
  • Making of  truffle for center filled chocolates and creating various flavors
  • Creating Molded chocolates 
  • Caramel / Hazelnut Filled Chocolate
  • Wafer Chocolate
  • Coconut Peanut butter Chocolate
  • Chocolate Lolly pop
  • Chocolate Bars
  • Mint Basil truffle Chocolate
  • Chocolate rocks
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Enrobed Cookies 
  • Chocolate Canapes
  • Chocolate Mug Cake n Mud Pie 
  • Caramel Sauce 

This class will give you an entire range of making basic to advanced chocolates and some more

For registration please sms / call 9766622662 or send your confirmations to
Registration is required

Workshop on Basic Eggless Cakes

Workshop on  Basic Egg less Cakes 
If Baking is your passion and its your first step into this field then this is the workshop for you to gain in depth knowledge into what goes to make those sinfully delicious Cakes

Date:   September  2017
Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30p.m      
Fee Rs.1200
To register call / sms : 9766622662  / 8208300754

The following recipes will be demonstrated that day

  • Black forest cake ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Pineapple  Gateaux ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Chocolate Ganache cake ( with base cake and icing)
  • Chocolate Chip Bar cake
  • Coffee Toffee Cookie Crumble Cake / Cupcake 
  • Chiffon Strawberry Cupcake
  • Discussion on Ideas to Create Desserts from cake - Jar Cake, Cake pops, Fruit cake rings, Biscotti etc
  • Icing techniques : Rose, Borders, leaves etc will be demonstrated 
  • This class will help you get idea of how to create cakes as well as how to use the various premixes to create your own signature recipes
To register call 9766622662 or email your confirmation

Workshop on Soap Making

Bringing to a unique workshop on SOAP MAKING in association with "Soap Suds" ...Gift your own unique creations this festive season 
Time 11am to 1:30pm
Date:  2nd  July  Sunday 2017
To registe call / sms 9766622662
In this extensive class participants will learn and acquire skills to use melt and pour soaps bases, colorants, additives and fragrances and how to make some signature soaps that are unique work of art. 
The class will cover
A brief history on beginnings of soap making
The right techniques and equipment to make soaps
Sourcing of raw material
Making off:-
Cucumber Oats and Loofah Soap
Saffron Soap
Lavender Layered soap
Orange and activated charcoal
Sulfate and Paraben Free Bath Products
How to make soaps to suit different skin types and with different ingredients and fragrances
Making of Bath salts, Body wash and more
Carry samples of soaps back with you

Wednesday Workshop on Italian Cuisine

 Learn the art of cooking authentic and exotic Italian Cuisine ... celebrate with hand tossed pizzas and a variety of Pastas all made healthy with vegetables and wholesome fresh ingredients 

Date:  28th September   Wednesday 2016
Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30 p.m.                 
Fee Rs 900
To register call or sms to 9766622662

The following recipes will be demonstrated
  • Penne in Broccoli Garlic Cilantro Sauce
  • Spaghetti Primavera
  • Lasagna
  • Pizza with toppings and recipe for the base
  • Pizza Sauce 
  • Jalapeno & cheese croquettes
  • Italian Dip
  • Basic Italian Sauces: Red , White and how make variations in the same 
  • Recipe for Gnocchi n made if time permits 
  • Recipe for Ravioli 

Along with many tips, ideas and variations
    For registration call 9766622662 or email.

    Hands On Designer Chocolate Workshop

     Crafted Basic n Advanced chocolates Along with Creating Desserts from chocolates 

    Looking to make some truly delectable chocolates this festive season. This class will give you an hands on experience to handle chocolate an there on to create many a designer chocolates 
    Carry your creations along with you.

    Date:   Wednesday  2016 
    To register Call /sms to 9766622662
    Max Batch size of 6 students
    Timing:  10:30 am to 2:30pm             
    Fee Rs 3000

    Basic and Advanced chocolate that will be Practically made by students themselves
    • Flavored Chocolates
    • Two tone Chocolates
    • Truffle filled chocolate 
    • Caramel / Hazelnut Filled Chocolate
    • Kit Kat type
    • Reeses type
    • Chocolate Lolly pop
    • Chocolate Bars
    • Brownie Chocolate
    • Chocolate rocks
    • Chocolate boxes
    • Chocolate canapes
    • Designer sheet chocolates
    • Chocolate Barks
    • Cookie chocolate
    • Chantilly cream Canapes 
    • Chocolate Mug Cake