Biscuit Cake

90 gms Parle G biscuits

90 Gms Hide n seek biscuits
1 tbsp coco powder
2 tbsp powdered sugar ( yes the sugar is required)
1 1/2 tsp eno salt
1/4 tsp vanila essence
1 cup milk

Make fine powder of the biscuits in a mixer. Add all the dry ingredients and mix.
Add the milk and mix.
Pour into a greased and dusted baking dish and microwave for 3 minutes.
Serve hot with ice cream.
Do not keep it open for long as it tends to dry up as its been baked in microwave

If you do not have microwave then bake in oven at 150 C for 20 minutes or till done.
PS My comments: it is truly tasty....really good .....give it a try. It will surprise you as it did me!!


  1. The Cake made our evening dessert fab... truly magical:)

  2. hi Rajul,
    made the biscuit cake ... but since i dont have a microwave baked it in the oven 150C...Turns out REAL GOOD:))) no one belives that it is just simple biscuits!!!! Thank you so much !!! one can even make in a steamer or cooker turns out good

  3. Any replacement for eno salt??

  4. Thanx but everytime,I bake a cake,while in microwave/oven, it blows from centre,but in between,it also goes down from centre :( wot goes wrong while I bake it? I bake it in onida microwave/ovens...

    1. Sorry did not understand this .... u bake in oven or convection or microwave and which recipe are u following and for how long do u bake

  5. I have onida microwave wid convection and power settings. I am planning to bake today.. Please suggest me I should bake it in convection/power/microwave. If Convection then, how much degree celsius ? and approx time? Thanks in advance.

    1. bake in microwave full powder 2 minutes. if convection then 150 C for 20 minutes

  6. Wow...that's an very yum the idea of using biscuits…

  7. Such an innovative and easy recipe..:)