Some awesome pics from Priyanka

Hi Rajul,

Hope everything is good in Pune. 
Its good to be home...Delhi's treating good so far...

Sorry that I am writing this after so long but its better late than never!

I would like to thank you so much to introduce me to the world of cooking.
Before joining your classes, cooking was something I did only to survive. After seeing you cook for your class with the love and passion... I was amazed!

I came to your classes just to learn cakes and cookies...but after doing that for one saturday I could not stop myself from coming back every saturday post that.
I think you gave me new passion...and I can't thank you enough! My family is not complaining for the new found interest all's good I guess...ha ha ha!

I am attaching images of Chocolate muffins and Coconut Cookies with this mail.

So far Strawberry cheese cake was the best but none of us could wait to eat before taking pictures. Next time!

Priyanka Sirohi

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