Cinammon Bread Dessert

Cinammon Toasted Crispes

4 bread slices toasted                                                              Whipped cream 100 gms
Cinnamon to sprinkle as required                                              Butter as required

Powdered sugar to sprinkle as required

Choice of fresh fruits chopped (pomegranate, apple, pineapple, strawberry, orange etc)

Butter the toasted bread slightly on both sides
On both sides of the buttered  bread sprinkle some Cinnamon  and powdered sugar.

Toast to warm on a pan so that the butter melts and hols the sugar and Cinnamon onto the bread.

Remove onto a cooling rack and cut into four.

Pipe fresh cream onto the cut splices using the big star nozzle.

Sprinkle chopped fresh fruits on top and serve immediately.

Just the dessert to serve at a minutes notice. Looks good and tastes even better

Kirti Sends more pics

It was great and yummy!I am a huge fan of coffee and chocolate.And tiramisu is like heaven for me.Now theirs no point in going to bakery  to buy one when I can make it myself.

Hey my jiju became a great fan of your thai food now i have to teach him the Pad thai noodles and thai red cuury!

Some muffin pics sent By Kirti

Made this muffins today, they are plain muffins with tutti-fruti.I just loved to decorate the muffins and thanks to you as always "Let your imagination fly" I tried some of it.
Will be trying some more next week.
P.S:-As usual my hubby couldn't keep his hands of the muffins will be trying Thai food tomm.