Student Wrote

Hi Rajul,
Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful recipes you have taught me-- no one at home can believe that i have made the food at home and not ordered it out form somewhere.
Thanks for sharing all the tips and knowledge--- never have found someone who is so willing to help and share her knowledge---Something i have not come across in any other class-- ur willingness to help even after the class ---be it by phone or email and of course your prompt replies to all the queries.
Though I will not be able to attend more of your classes as am moving out-- but will surely miss them and hope to catch them when ever i am back.

Sent by email : Ritika

New classes

Two new classes have been devloped for the next season starting May 15th
Just Parathas
Cottage cheese and Spinach Paraths
Methi Tephla
Aloo ka Paratha
Mixed veg. Paratha
Bean and cheese paratha
Gobi aur Gajar Paratha
Lots of variations

Crepes and Wraps
Oriental Wrap
Corn n Bell Pepper crepes
Malay Wrap
Mexican Crepes
Cheese Sauce
Honey and Mustard Sauce

New Recipes

The summer is here so thought will post some mock tails recipes to keep you all cool. do try them and send in your feed backs.

New recipes are posted on the recipe page so check it out and enjoy.

Classes are starting from May 15th so don't forget to send in your requests

Happy Holidays

Its that time of year again when I take my break from classes and head to North India for my well awaited break. The time when I think of new recipes-- so that i can have all my students coming back for more.
Do watch this space for some recipes and great cooking ideas.
So till Season 3 ----which begins on May 15th--- here is to all my students and followers A Very Happy Holiday---I am still a phone call away or an email away for all your queries--- so keep cooking those great dishes till we meet again.