Workshop on Home made Eggless Ice Creams

Workshop on Ice Creams 
On Popular demand repeating this class for one more time this year .. don't miss it  
Ice cream can be fun and fresh or rich and decadent. It can be made using almost any flavor one can think of. However, what you don’t think about is that making ice cream is an art. From having the right balance of fat and air to adding in the right emulsifier, ice cream is a tasty experiment. Come be a part of this enjoyable experience and learn to make some great Frozen treats to be enjoyed this summer

Date: March Wednesday 2020
Timing : 1:00 pm -4:30 p.m
Fee:  Rs 1300
call / sms  to resister 9766622662

The following recipes will be demonstrated that day
  • Basil Saffron Mango Ice cream
  • Probiotic Strawberry Ice cream
  • Mocha Walnuts Ice cream
  • Belgium Chocolate  N Cookies Ice cream
  • Fig and Honey Ice cream
  • Pulled sugar curls
  • Honey Comb
  • Decorated Cones
  • Thick Shakes
  • Variations to make end number of ice creams and kulfi 

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  1. The chocolate ice cream was a total hit. thank you. you are great:-)

  2. Dear Rajul...
    i throughly enjoyed u r ice cream class just like all the other classes..
    i made tender coconut and mocha at home and both the flavors were a total hit at my place...
    the start of the summer season was really COOOL for my family.. thanks to u..


  3. i have already attended the ice cream class n trust me my husband is super impressed with my ice cream making !!:-)

    Aishwarya Shinde Thorat

  4. I am so glad to have found Rajul and I cannot thank her enough for all the support she gives when ever there is any question or query.
    I have attended many of her classes and since then i have become a better cook.
    The Ice creams were truly the highlight, my whole family is enjoying this summer with home made ice creams..... they are turning out so delicious that i have to now double the quantity
    Thanks Rajul for teaching so well--- you are the best

  5. I've suddenly become famous as a good ice cream maker among my friends and family. I'm known as a terrible cook n i have to thank u for my new found status!!!

  6. Hey Thanks Rajul for conducting such nice workshop. I made Strawberry Ice cream & it turned out to be so yummy & good.. All my dear ones liked it so much.. Thanks to you for answering all my queries & helping me.

    I am looking forward to attend many such workshops with you... Thanks for being such a great "Khana Guru" :)

  7. Thank you Rajul, all the credit & praises I get when people eat my home made ice cream, should go to you ...Radhika Prabhu....
    The pic of oreo ice cream sent

  8. Dear Rajul since i have started making the ice creams which i learnt form you at children now don't want to eat ice creams form out side...the chocolate ice cream is the best one can get anywhere...
    Mary Ann

  9. hi mam
    Just wanted to tell I made chocolate ice cream and fig n honey ice cream today, step by step as you taught us. and ...EVERY ONE LOVED IT.....The texture was smooth and fluffy, the flavour strong and delicious! thank you so much for all the knowledge: Devyani

  10. hi Rajul ...ur ice cream workshop was a super duper hit! Tried Mocha and Strawberry...every1 at home was amazed by the ice cram...thank you so much for the superb workshop
    Radhika S

  11. hi Rajul I thoroughly enjoyed today's workshop.must tell u that ur brilliant at your work ..loved the way u kept it so energetic n interactive all throughout..all the flavors were brilliant n thx to u i officially love mango was my first time with you ...looking more to in the future

  12. hi Rajul made mango ice creams for guest and their comments were "Better Than Naturals"