Class Feedback

Anonymous said...
Finally got the time to pen the much deserved but long delayed testimonial. The workshops are really addictive. The worshops have now become integral part of my weekend schedule. anything and evrything taught turns out yummylicios..... Must attends are :- Chaats, Rice, Thai ,Mexican, Its Different....actually all Am eagerly waiting for chinese. Only complain: Want a bigger share of whatever is cooked in the class :P Ratna

Mexican salad

1 cups corn chips roughly broken
1 cup shredded lettuce
1/4 cup re fried beans / Rajma boiled
1/4 cup salsa sauce
some jalapenos chopped

On a plate spread a layer of corn chips, on them put re fried beans, on it put salsa sauce.
Mix jalapenos and shredded lettuce and put on top of salsa sauce. Lastly add a dollop of mayonnaise or sprinkle some grated cheese on it. Add some spice sprinkle some chili flakes.

Contributed by Rajul

Anjani wrote

Had a lovely party last night.. the paneer roll ups and the pasta spinach rwraps turned out awesome!.. the mushroom flavour jus stood out..the mocktail was a super hit!>.. PEACH SATIN!.. VOILA!.. U make me feel so confident when it comes to cooking.. plus like cooking!.. feel so bad i missed the italian class.. wanna make sure im there for the mexican class..
Anjani Shah

Feedback on class

Hi rajul
Happy new year to all of you
I have attended a few classes of yours. It was a wonderful experience. Everybody in my family loved the recipes. Now I am waiting for your Chinese class, this time when you schedule it please keep it on a Saturday so that I can attend.

Feedback on More Snacks Class

Awesome workshop.. everything was so yummy.. fabulous.. n best part easy to make!.. the indonesian potatoes was a major hit.. n the spich wrap tres bien... n the dessert made out of the corn horns.. the new dip and the stir fry.,... tooo good!.. ur classes jus rock!.. its like there is so much more u wanna do in the kitchen now!.. 
Anjani Shah