Bistro Desserts Workshop

In class learn how to make some of the quintessential Bistro Desserts along with trending presentations After attending the Desserts Class Participants will know how to prepare numerous luscious sweet treats. and be able then to impress their family and friends with new gained skill

Date:  16th May. Saturday 2020
To register call / sms 9766622662 / 9823844393
Timing : 1:00 to 4:30p.m                     
Fee: 1200
The following desserts will be taught.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu,
  • Banoffee pie with salted Caramel sauce
  • Banana and Dates Pancakes 
  • Mango fantasy
  • Pineapple souffle
  • Icing and Presentations
  • Many variations n ideas
  • Desserts covered are all Eggless ...some are Gelatin based but how to make without Gelatin will also be discussed



  1. hi rajul
    just made the doughnuts...and ALL of them already over....thanks a ton.....

  2. Ur most welcome. Happy they were appreciated by all and now you can have various varieties of Doughnuts.
    P.S they too did not last in my house--- next time we need to triple the amount.

  3. hi rajul

    my son loved the doughnuts so much that one batch is already over planning to make some more tomorrow
    Waiting for some more baking classes


  4. Saw the dessert post and remembered to make the Trimisu--- my son wanted to know the shop i had bought it from
    Thanks Rajul for teaching such yummy desserts which get made so fast and are so easy

  5. Hi Rajul

    I attended your More desserts class. The mango fantasy has come out super awesome.....Delicious to d core !!!!!!!!!! Simply loved it. Thanks for such a magical dessert.

  6. Dear Rajul,
    Vedika & I tried out the Mango Fantasy, Srawberry Cheesecake as well as Tiramisu on Monday & Tuesday. All of them turned out great!
    Infact, on the way home from Saturday's class we picked up some ingredients and then went back on Monday to get the remaining. This Saturday we'll make the Pineapple Souffle.
    Thankyou so much for these wonderful recipes!
    Now, we no longer have to think about what dessert to serve.....whoever visits us henceforth for dinner will be sure to get one of these five desserts!
    It was a great learning experience for Vedika as it was the first Cookery class that she attended. We love your straightforwardness and spontaineity!
    Thanks a lot!

  7. Hey made tiramisu today....its awesome ....:):D

  8. Doughnuts and strawberry cheesecake were awesome delicious... everybody loved them at home... thanks to you

  9. Rajul, I had doughnuts today at M.O.D I had to tell you that it was nowhere near to the doughnuts u make and u taught us to make ...KUDOS
    Arpita Daroova

  10. Yummy cakes. all are so tempting cakes. Thanks for sharing this informative blog online home cooked food hinjewadi

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  12. Do you also conduct sea food cooking classes? I am looking for one..
    - Poonam

  13. Hey I really want to attend this class but have my exams on 24 and 25th....Can you postpone it please....

  14. Attended the class today ..all the desserts were straight out of heaven. did not know that these desserts often served in restaurants were so easy and the taste was simply awesome. the Tiramisu was too good