Students Feedback

Caru sen t a message
Mam Learning from you has always been a pleaseure. I always get to learn more than expected n take back with me more than the recipes "The Experience Of The Class"  
Nelima sent feedback via email
Hi Rajul,
I am a big time fan of good food and thats what makes me try out new restraus outside. I know cooking but the interest and passion lacks and because of that i do not know cooking of variety of cuisines.
I attended your class yesterday (14th Sep 2013) of Punjabi cuisine, it was definitely an eye-opener for me as i got to know tips, saw somebody actually cooking food i usually order in a restrau, many ingredients we know but hardly use. After the class i tried panchratan dal and it turned out really good. Today I cooked dal makhni, gobi taka tak with lachha paratha and it was AWESOME. I even shared with my fiance and in-laws (they are punjabis) and i got LOTS of PRAISE. I am yet to cook for my mom for whom m a lazy person and does not like cookng.

Looking forward to attend few more classes.
An interest to experiment out more in cookng has developed.

Sarita Feedback received via email
Dear Rajul,
 I want to immensely thank you for the wonderful cooking that you have taught us. I had a dinner at my place yesterday and for the starters I made the Makhana Kebab, Katori chaat and Tostadas that you have taught us. With your perfect recipe booket and your precious tips, they seriously took quite less time and tasted great. Your classes have really added a new spice in life!
 Thanks Again,

 Garima's and Ritu's  Feed back on Cakes N Cookies Workshop

Hi Rajul
 I attended ur Cakes & Cookies ws a wonderful experience..made d Black Forest Cake & choco chip cookies my hubby complimented me saying dey r " Heaven on Earth"..he adoered me fr them throughout d weekend....thanks fr d same....:)

'Hi Rajul,
I had attended your Cakes and Cookies class a couple of weeks back. It was an amazing experience.
Thank you for giving such lovely tips and tricks too.
I tried the Shrewsbury biscuits and pineapple cake. They were a hit at home. My family could not believe that I can bake a yummy cake. That too just like a cake from any reputed bakery. My family preferes my Shrewsbury biscuits to Kayani's now.
I have tried to bake earlier too but failed miserably. I am so glad that I finally succeeded.
Thank you so much once again.
Attaching a couple of pictures.

Another Feedback On Cakes N cookies Workshop
Hi Rajul... I had attended ur cakes n cookies session..Made Chocolate cake for on my husband's b'day... Cake turned out super awesome.. Simply delicious.. Thank u for such a magical recipe:-) now will be making coconut cookies

Feed Back On the Punjabi workshop
From Manjita
Hi Rajul, I had made dal makhani and Kadai paneer, my family loved it. I also made Lacha paratha along, which was in perfect shape n very soft. My family no more worries about my cooking. 

From Manpreet
I have tried all the punjabi recipes till now n am happy i met you.. i just tried Gobi Taka tak and it has turned out too good.... Thanks a lot

Garima's Feed back on the More Dessert workshop 
Hi Rajul
I attended your More desserts class. The mango fantasy has come out super awesome.....Delicious to d core !!!!!!!!!! Simply loved it. Thanks for such a magical dessert.
Sanyukta sent her feed back via email on the More dessert workshop 
Dear Rajul,
Vedika & I tried out the Mango Fantasy, Srawberry Cheesecake as well as Tiramisu on Monday & Tuesday. All of them turned out great!
Infact, on the way home from Saturday's class we picked up some ingredients and then went back on Monday to get the remaining. This Saturday we'll make the Pineapple Souffle. 
 Thankyou so much for these wonderful recipes!
 Now, we no longer have to think about what dessert to serve.....whoever visits us henceforth for dinner will be sure to get one of these five desserts! 
It was a great learning experience for Vedika as it was the first Cookery class that she attended. We love your straightforwardness and spontaineity!
Thanks a lot!


Nandani sent her feed back through Sms

U Turly hv a wonderful gift.. Thank u for sharing it with the universe..the fried rice turned out superb!!! :) :) :)


Nikita sends her feedback on Kosher Desserts

Hey rajul i was trying to upload this pic on ur site in students feedback column but was not able to so i am mailing it to u.
I made jam liquor chocolate  and butterscoth chocolate they turned out really nice.This r few chocolates i could save to click a picture of.Thank u so much.I even tried the milk powder cake from the recipes on ur site.The cake got finshed before i could clip a pick.
Thank u.
Nikita goyal




Some creations by Malvika

Made mexican rice, nachos, salsa, hot sauce...
Turned out really nice...
Bribed my brother's with these for rakhi!! ;-)
Thank you so much Rajul!!
Malvika Goyal.


Hi Rajul. Just wanted to share these pics with you..Thank you for teaching this!!
Malvika Goyal.

A Word of Praise 
Hi rajul.. Thank u so much for ur help.. Infact I hav tried most of ur
reciepes and now my in laws and husband call me a good cook ..
But its jus the magic of ur recipes .. Thank u for ur help
hi mam
hope u have been doin good...
u mite have got bored of being appreciated.. but u r totally worth it.. again frm my side... ur dishes r juz wonderful as u.. Nishika

Strawberry Cheese cake
Tis is wat i made :)
Picture of Sujata's creations
Rajul dear,
The entire family returned from Mumbai last Saturday, famished. I welcomed them home first with the delicious aroma of pizza baking in the oven and then with a soft base, crisp on the top, deliciously melted mozarella and salami, olives and basil. 
I loved listening to the mmmmm's and the 'wow, this is delicious' comments. And I have you to thank for.
Will see you around..thanks for your continuous support over mail. 
Have a wonderful and fruitful new year!

Hi I attended your More desserts class. The pineapple souffle has come out super awesome..... my husband  cannot stop himself.....Thanks a ton 

 Hi this is Manisha, i had attended ur cakes on cookies workshop this sat..... I made shrewsbury biscuits today n they have turned out simply amazing, very crunchy, delicious taste, they just melt in mouth... I had tried to make them many times before but i always failed but this time i blindly followed ur receipe n got the desired results, also the way u taught was very easy to understand. Im gonna make the cake very soon, will send u the snaps.....
Thank u so much

HI Rajul,
This is Megha Madhamshettiwar. I have attended ur mexican n snacks classes. In r society we had stalls for the ganapati funfare.  I had kept tacos. U wld not believe it I made a sale  of Rs 1400/- just in approx 90 mins. It was a total hit. I had people cmg an telling me time n again that it is just flawless.  Just for some tangy taste I was topping it with homemade salsa. Everyone  really freaked on it. So thanx a ton for teaching me this wonderfil dish.
 Thank You

Mangla Sent the cake pics she made
First I have prepared a very small cake with the ingredients shown in the receipe, just to check whether it will be OK as I had to give it to my friend's birthday (Operator in my college).  When it was ok, I prepared the same cake with double quantity and decorated.  I am sending a picture of the same and also the cakes prepared earlier.

I really don't believe each of them who tried a very small piece praised me like anything.  Even one of my friend has told me to teach her.  Some of them thought it was purchased from monginis and were turning around the cake box up and down to find the missing stamp of monginis.  One of the senior most person to whom we had fooled that it was from outside, was confused because he said I don't like cake from outside but this seems very tasty.  Sending some of the pictures and also the pineapple cake photo.
Thanks for the wonderful and awesome receipe.  I had attend two classes of eggless cakes earlier but failed.  Hence I was not at all confident.  But after the praises from a small kid to senior citizens, I have now become overconfident.
Only I am ale to get through the rose petals.  I don't remember which colour you had used.  While adding and trying different colours, my cream had become very lose and could not hold the petals.  Hence only the roses have been failed.  I was confused with rasberry and orange red colour, mixed both and the final colour you will see in the picture.
Regards and see you after Dasera.
Mangal Javalekar

Sneha sent pic of chaats
I must must thank you for the mouth watering chaats that u have thaught us.On very next sunday evening i tried out dahi bhallas. They turned out suberb.They were a very tasty treat on the rainy sunday evening. My family thoroughly enjoyed it.With all the informative tips that you give us every dish that i make turns unique.
Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

Sangeeta wrote
"I tried the Sweet and Sour Vegetable that you taught us in the Chinese class and it turned out really good. The class was really useful apart from being a lot of fun. Thanks so much. Look forward to attending many more. "

Kirti Bhargava's feedback

Your classes are amazing.First session i was like "I don't know if i will like the class or not" but after attending the class i was like "AWESOME".I don't know how to cook and i don't like to cook.but thanks to you now i will be trying all the dishes.Specially Italian coz my husband love italian and mexican food.Can you also include the recipe of paneer 65 in upcoming  chinese cuisine class. 
Thanks "your are Gr8"

 Rajani sent her comments
I made Supreme pulao and Hyderabadi Biryani turned out v. tasty. also everyone at home relished on your Moghlai Dishes I prepared. Thank you for redefining my cooking skills, its made my life easier and my family's less threatening.

Priti wrote about Mexican class
Hi Rajul,
      Today i'm very happy just bcoz of u........... today i made mexican for dinner and ervry1 liked it very much.... it was really yummy......... and all credit goes to u. u taught very well very well and the way u taught is very friendly. Now nfor next i wanna learn THAI & ITALIAN form u soon....
    thanks again


Feed back on classes by Sneha

i have just started attending your classes.So far i m done with two.
As i have stayed in hostel for a major part of life cooking was only a fantasy for me.
Though i love cooking a fear had always entangle me.
But after attending your classes it only made me realize that cooking is also my cup of tea.
i see to it that i try one recipe everyday and the end product is amazing.
It has actually given me the required confidence and of course the most delicious recipes.
What i appreciate the most is the recipes have a professtional as well as a homely touch.

Thai class Feedback--Deepa

I had been waiting for 5 weeks and finally the Thai class took place :)! The curries, soup, noodles and salad - all the dishes were amazingly tasty! I had to make some dishes on Saturday itself at home so I took lemon leaves and lemon grass from Rajul. I made green curry, pad thai noodles, tom yum soup and side of brown rice for the family. All the dishes became such a hit! This class is just superb. All the family members are so happy and thankful that I have found these classes :).The oher day when I started making the Tom Yum Soup, the house was full of Kafir leaves' smell. It was so refreshing and wonderful smell. The kadhai in which I was making the stock looked so colourful - my hubby took a nice pic. Attaching it here ....
Deepa Deshpande

Finally got the time to pen the much deserved but long delayed testimonial.

The workshops are really addictive. The worshops have now become integral part of my weekend schedule.
anything and evrything taught turns out yummylicios.....

Must attends are :- Chaats, Rice, Thai ,Mexican, Its Different....actually all

Am eagerly waiting for chinese.

Only complain: Want a bigger share of whatever is cooked in the class :P

feedbacks for Chaats n the mughlai class!.. Anjani
Chaats!.. wat a class!.. yummy..... aloo chaat was mind blowing... uuuummmmmmm!.... n the dahi bhalla chaaat!.. katori chaat!.. yum!.. especially the left overs were a super hit in my house!.. now i know if kuch chatpata khaana hai to chutneys tayyar rakho!.. even ur happy n so is the family!..

mughlai... See More!.. this class is a super blessing in disguise!.. expecially coz i cud never make an interesting vegetabe which went in the tiffin n i cud wait for a call at 1 saying awesome!.. but this really made me get it!.. n the best part the vegetables taste just like the restaurants.. n there is not water flowing out of the curies when put on the plate!.. n there is no oil floating over the vegetables!.. thank u so much.. ur recipes are a super blessing in disguise!.. i wont b surprised a year from now my family wud say lets eat at home than going to a restaurant!.. thank you.. im saving my money!.. n making it healthy n yummy!!!!!!

Rachna on Mughlai class

hi Rajul....
how r u???
ur mughlai dishes are hit in my house....
very one just loved mom has given special thanks to you for such tasty mouth watering dishes and for making me interested in cooking.....
going to try the new desert the recepi of which u hv kept...
miss the classes
n if u come out with new ehing then do let me knw... care...

Neelam wrote

hi rajul,
i attended your mughlai class on 25th was a wonderful experience and have tried out all of them including the lachcha paranthas. absolutely top class. would just like to tell u that wat i found most captivating was that it was not just another class where the recipes are handed out n
procedure demonstrated,but u were actually enjoying the whole process
.full marks for that.
thanks once again

Poonam on Chaats

Lovely Chaat..
I Tried making the Dahi Bhalla Chaat and the pani puri..I was scared about the Bhalla's turning soft..but by using the same method what Rajul thought they turned out great..also both the chutneys and pani for pani puri was very nice..My hubby loved it as well as his friends...looking forward for more mouth watering recepies....
Poonam Agrawal

Maithili on Thai class

Thanks Rajul . l simply loved the THAI class. Managed to make the Tom Yum Soup a couple of times and so also Pad thai noodles. turned out real good.


Hi Rajul,
      Today i'm very happy just bcoz of u........... today i made mexican for dinner and ervry1 liked it very much.... it was really yummy......... and all credit goes to u. u taught very well very well and the way u taught is very friendly. Now nfor next i wanna learn THAI & ITALIAN form u soon....
    thanks again

Hi rajul
Happy new year to all of you
I have attended a few classes of yours. It was a wonderful experience. Everybody in my family loved the recipes. Now I am waiting for your Chinese class, this time when you schedule it please keep it on a Saturday so that I can attend.

Anjani Shah
Awesome workshop.. everything was so yummy.. fabulous.. n best part easy to make!.. the indonesian potatoes was a major hit.. n the spich wrap tres bien... n the dessert made out of the corn horns.. the new dip and the stir fry.,... tooo good!.. ur classes jus rock!.. its like there is so much more u wanna do in the kitchen now!.. 
Anjani Shah 

Hey Rajul
My son is a Hakka Noodles fan and he was so excited about the new Chinese recipes. I made Hakka, Fried Rice, Schezwan Fried Rice and Vegetables in garlic sauce. We all had a lovely chinese treat on Sunday evening - thanks to you! The noodles came out great - just like the restaurant style :)
The much awaited chat class was amazing! The tips made the bhallas so fluffy and they just melted on the tougue. I made dahee-bhalla-papdi-chaat for the guests who visited us on Monday and it was a major hit. I have attached a couple of pics of the dahee bhalla dish that I prepared with this mail. Thank you so much for the wonderful classes.
Cheers and looking foward to the next classes!

Dear Rajul,
both continental and mexican classes were excellent.
my kids loved the enchilladas, vo le vents and fettuccini masala(these r the ones which i tried out).
hope u will keep the thai class on a weekday.

Hey Rajul,
As I had mentioned that day , the afternoon spent was a good investment.

Dimmple say on classes

At the outset, I wish to personally thank you for your genuine efforts to make the class interactive and productive. I tried to implement most of the dishes I learnt in your class and the end results were truly fascinating. You made every difficult receipe seem achieveable. My husband enjoyed many of the scrumptious receipes I prepared based on your workings. No wonder they say “The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" Cooking for a man is a good way to win his affections.

Thanks a Million!
Dimmple A Shah

Arti On Moghlai Class

Your class on Mughlai was too good. You gave lots of tips and recipes were also simple and easy
I made Methi Malai Mutter on sunday..and paneer butter masala today for lunch. They both came out very well ..whole family enjoyed it. Thank you very much for your recipes..its all so easy to make and tastes amazing and ofcourse it gives BIG sence of achievement ..

Thanks lot ..
Looking forward to learn more from you..

Feedback on "Its Different" class

Hey rajul,
have been attended your continental, mughlai and lebanese or its different class.loved all of them.
I loved the pita bread in "its different" class.i never thought that mocktails were so easy to make.
your classes have been a good investment of time.
Please carry on with the effort to intoduce new things

Sangeeta wrote

Dear Rajul

I did manage the Humus- Falafel-Pitabread on Saturday night. Trust me, it was the best meal I have ever cooked. Thanks for that. One can cook anything from recipe books. But to look at something being cooked in front of your eyes makes all the difference. It increases your confidence to cook that item independently.

A blog is a very cool idea indeed.

Thanks and regards,

Sangeeta Krishnan

Student Wrote

Hi Rajul,
I have successfully tried all the icreams and sponge cake as well. I had carried the ice-creams to office also. Now my friends do not like icecreams purchased from outside.
Mrs. Mangal Javalekar


  1. The chinese class was gr8..Whoever thought chinese was so simple..Waiting for your manchow soup recipe . Ushma

  2. I think its a common knowledge by now that all your classes are amazing...but just wanted to add that in these classes i not just learnt recipes ..but the classes also widened my horizon when it came to cooking....i can now experiment...and can now add new twists to the taught recipes or make something of own....being in the class helped me do things without hesitation...I can now pick sauces , exotic vegetables , new cooking appliances without this fear that they would be a waste....the classes not just provide recipes but also whole new perspective to cooking....U would often hear rajul say "think out of the box"...this is precisely whhat would happen after attending the classes...


  3. I love to cook and opted to take the cooking lessons from Rajul. Everyday was a new adventure in cooking, we used only the finest freshest ingredients and then, the best part, we sat down to the wonderful meal we had just prepared. Cooking classes were informal, comfortable, practical and full of information. The classes were "hands-on," working side by side with Rajul, an experienced cook. She truly knows what she is teaching and her passion for the food is contagious. My overall favourite was the Chat class and Thai class among the few classes I attended till date, waiting to learn more. Though she teaches pure vegetarian recipes, but she guides the non-veg lovers like me with options. Thank you so much for teaching me to cook all the delicious food, all those tips and tricks to cook fast. I must conclude saying that “Anyone who does not take these classes while in Pune will miss out on experiencing brilliance at its definition. “
    thanks a ton!

  4. Hi Rajul,

    I loved the sphagetti pasta you made in the class on Sat... also the fried snack recipe is really easy and yumm...
    however, i wasn't able to taste much of the pizza - but i'll try it...
    Shobha Mourya

  5. Rajul,

    I had attended your quick-bite class. I made the burger and swiss-circles at home and it was excellent. My family loved it. Thank for your tips and recipe.

    Pratibha Patel

  6. Hi Rajul,

    I have made some Moghlai Dishes at home. My family members have praised a lot. It's all because of you.

    Chetna Mistry

  7. Hey Rajul, croquettes were a big hit in my mom's coffee morning. and the other day i made the saunth/instant sweet-sour chutney and we had it with dal kachauri. it was yummmmmm...

    P.S.- i wanted to know which dip would go best with croquettes. i made the italian dip, but it had mayonaise so not everyone could have it since mayo has egg.

    thank you soo much :)

    1. Thanks Niharika for ur feedback... In the market there is egg less mayonnaise available which is very good. Also you can use hung curds as a base.

  8. Hi Rajul... I have made few varieties of breads on occasion at my home. The breads were made very soft. I made them as Fish shaped with stuffing. I also made Focaccia. They were made very delicious. Thanks to you for the valuable ideas you have provided during the classes.

  9. Thanks a lot
    Hi Rajul.. Thank u so much for your chaat class.. Infact I hv tried most of ur
    reciepes..they all r superb...
    Thank u for ur help

  10. Hi Rajul

    Thankyou so much for teaching me awesome Croissants!
    They have come out too good and i am addicted to making it....u made the process so easy....never thought i would make it! But here i am with lovely croissants! Thankyou once again!

  11. What you learn is much more than hands-on. Tricks from master chef, information about best ingredients source, contacts and above all ‘what not to do’ which is major help. Believe me couple of extremely good recipes she shares and the relationship does not end with the workshop. For me at least she has been a message away!!!