Eggless Brownies Workshop

Eggless Brownies 
Lear the Art of Creating deliciously  sinful Brownies with varying flavors. Participants will learn the right techniques and roles of each ingredients to get different texture of brownies

Date:  7th July Saturday  2018
Time:   1:00pm to 4:30pm  
Fees:    Rs1200 
To register call / sms : 9766622662 / 8208300754

The following Brownies along with variations will be covered in class
Chocolate Walnut Brownie
Peanuts Brownie
Berry n Cheese swirl Brownie
Red Velvet Brownie
Cirton Brownie
Oreo N Choco chip Blondie                                                               
Coconut n Basil Brownie
Chocolate Loaded Brownie


  1. This eggless brownies are just perfect for all the vegetarians plus for whom who are allergic to eggs.Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe of eggless brownies.

  2. It was an amazing class. all the brownies one better than the other

  3. Rajul,
    one of your Brownie masterclass...Really enjoyed . Each and every recipe so different yet so simple. so many to create your own signature flavours...from basic to most are a powerhouse of knowledge. the topping was the so many brownie recipes you shared with us so generously ..the were of course other than the so many we baked in class. i never knew that an eggless brownie could taste so are truly one of the most passionate and genuine teachers i have ever come across...heaps of love and hugs