Basic Eggless Cakes

Workshop on  Basic Egg less Cakes 
If Baking is your passion and its your first step into this field then this is the workshop for you to gain in depth knowledge into what goes to make those sinfully delicious Cakes

Date:   March Saturday 2020
Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30p.m      
Fee Rs.1300
To register call / sms : 9766622662 / 9823844393

The following recipes will be demonstrated that day

  • Black forest cake ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Pineapple  Gateaux ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Chocolate Ganache cake ( with base cake and icing)
  • Chocolate Chip Bar cake
  • Coffee Toffee Cookie Crumble Cake / Cupcake 
  • Chiffon Strawberry Cupcake
  • Discussion on Ideas to Create Desserts from cake - Jar Cake, Cake pops, Fruit cake rings, Biscotti etc
  • Icing techniques : Rose, Borders, leaves etc will be demonstrated 
  • This class will help you get idea of how to create cakes as well as how to use the various premixes to create your own signature recipes
To register call 9766622662 or email your confirmation

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