Punjabi Pokara Kadi

For the Kadi
1/2 cup curds                                                          3 tablespoon Besan ( gram flour)
1 1/2 cups water                                                      1/4 teaspoon haldi
1 small onion chopped finely                                    1/4 teaspoon jeera
1 teaspoon kastori methi / or few methi dana
4 whole dry red chilies                                             1 teaspoon whole dhania seeds                                   
5-6 curry leaves                                                       salt to taste                 

For the pokaras
1 onion finely chopped                                        1 potato chopped like onion
1/4 cup besan                                                      salt to taste

For the pokaras
mix onions, potatoes, salt and besan. Using enough water make into thick paste. Drop spoon fulls into hot oil. Deep fry to golden brown.

For kadi
Whisk curds. Add water and whisk. Add besan and haldi, whisk well. keep aside
Heat 2 tablespoon oil- add jeera, sute: add garlic, when it turns light brown add onion, sute till onions turn light pink.
Add curry leaves, dry red chiles, methi and dhania seeds: saute for a second.
Add the besan and curds mixture. Whisk well and string continuously,  bring to a boil. cook till thick.
Add the pokaras. Serve hot with rice.

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