Wednesday Workshop on Italian Cuisine

 Learn the art of cooking authentic and exotic Italian Cuisine ... celebrate with hand tossed pizzas and a variety of Pastas all made healthy with vegetables and wholesome fresh ingredients 

Date:  28th September   Wednesday 2016
Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30 p.m.                 
Fee Rs 900
To register call or sms to 9766622662

The following recipes will be demonstrated
  • Penne in Broccoli Garlic Cilantro Sauce
  • Spaghetti Primavera
  • Lasagna
  • Pizza with toppings and recipe for the base
  • Pizza Sauce 
  • Jalapeno & cheese croquettes
  • Italian Dip
  • Basic Italian Sauces: Red , White and how make variations in the same 
  • Recipe for Gnocchi n made if time permits 
  • Recipe for Ravioli 

Along with many tips, ideas and variations
    For registration call 9766622662 or email.


    1. Hi Rajul,

      My first class was the Italian class which I had attended around 3 months back. The class was great and I learned many things about italian cooking. I have tried making both pizza and pasta. they turned out just great and everyone enjoyed it a lot..especially my husband. He liked pasta a lot. Since then every weekend he is asking me to make pasta.

      Entire credit goes to you .Thanks a lot for such delicious recipes. you had explained it in such a good way that even after 3 months I didnt forget :)


    2. Great class. The pastas turn out better than what you get in restaurants. When I made Italian at home no one could believe that such food could be made at home also. They all were so impressed with me. Thanks Rajul for teaching so well.


    3. Just wanted to add that if you want to make pasta better than what you get in restaurants then you must attend this class.
      Every time I make pizzas and pastas I get rave compliments. Thks to you My children love my cooking now. So much so that they are ones who do not want me to miss your classes.

    4. hey fresh pizzazzzz....@tea....awesum...and evening is going to be my fav penne palakano....thanks

    5. hi rajul,
      made a complete italian fare tonight.........lasagna, pizza, cheese and jalapeno croquette and ended it with some yummy tiramisu........ my son said the tiramisu tastes just like in a 5* hotel.
      Thanks a lot.

    6. Hi Rajul,
      yesterdayI made Italian pizza,dip, and salad, it was a hit. Thank you so much for the wonderful recipes.

    7. One of my favourite class. I had a house party and the croquettes were a hit. But now I have a lot of leftover balls. Anyideas on what I could reuse for. Maybe sandwich is what I thought.

      1. You could use them in pita bread or can use them to make as croquettes in any one of the Italian sauces and serve with rice or spaghetti ans yes in sandwiches too. Roll them in boiled Lasagne sheets and top with white sauce.. Think different:)

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      3. Wow interesting options. I will try them .. thanks as always ! :)

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    9. Hi Rajul,

      Loved the Italian class. I made the pasta in red sauce and Pizza. Turned out really good.


    10. Hey Rajul,
      I made lasagne. it was awesome. all of my family friends loved it. one of my aunty gave you 10/10 for the recipe. your pizza sauce brings the pizza and any other dish to a totally new level. thank you soooo much for you teaching so well. italian class was the first ever i attended and have been attending all the classes since then.
      Thanks & Regards!

    11. Hi. Do u teach wheat pizza base tooo

    12. Hi. Do u teach wheat pizza base tooo

    13. all pizza base taught in bread it comes under bread baking