Thai class Feedback--Deepa

I had been waiting for 5 weeks and finally the Thai class took place :)! The curries, soup, noodles and salad - all the dishes were amazingly tasty! I had to make some dishes on Saturday itself at home so I took lemon leaves and lemon grass from Rajul. I made green curry, pad thai noodles, tom yum soup and side of brown rice for the family. All the dishes became such a hit! This class is just superb. All the family members are so happy and thankful that I have found these classes :).
The oher day when I started making the Tom Yum Soup, the house was full of Kafir leaves' smell. It was so refreshing and wonderful smell. The kadhai in which I was making the stock looked so colourful - my hubby took a nice pic. Attaching it here ....
Deepa Deshpande

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