Workshop on Punjabi cuisine

From the land of 5 rivers comes a cuisine that is enjoyed by all.... make it a part of your daily food As not only is it  healthy it also gives you the versatility to create more

Date: 28th March Saturday 2020
To register sms /call 9766622662 / 9823844393
Timing :1:00 pm to 4:30 p.m.                         
Fees Rs 1000-

The following recipes will be Covered
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Gobi Taka Tak
  • Kadai Paneer
  • Dum Aloo
  • Dal Palak
  • Crispy fried Bhindi
  • Kulcha Paratha
  • Black Dal Makhani

 For registration email to or call/ sms to  9766622662.


  1. Ive tried the Paneer Tikka and Bhindi tava masala. Big Hits!!!

  2. hey Rajul,thanx a ton for taking a class on paneer tikka n kadai paneer. My family really njoyed it. I tried kadai mushroom. It really turned out awesome. Please have the icecream class asap.
    thanx Varsha

  3. All the recipes were awesome…

    On Saturday itself I tried Gobi and every one at the home liked it…

  4. Hey rajul,
    Made gobi takatak for dinner.and it came out really well.prepared with a kg of gobi and all finished :) thanks for your amazing recipes and the way you teach us.


  5. Hi rajul, I had made dal makhani and Kadai paneer, my family loved it. I also made Lacha paratha along, which was in perfect shape n very soft. My family no more worries about my cooking.

  6. I have tried all the punjabi recipes till now n am happy i met you.. i just tried Gobi Taka takand it has turned out too good.... Thanks a lot


  7. I made Moti dal it was awesome :))

  8. I made d black dal, gobi, kulcha and all turned out excellent. Thank u so much
    Pooja Gupta

  9. Hi, I usually find that your recipes are good and tasty, but this time for the Punjabi class, the punjabi kadhi, the gobhi takatak, the tikkas and the sukhe mah ki daal were not up to the mark in terms of taste. The kaali daal and the bhindi were awesome, though! :)

  10. I thanks for your feedback, I guess you did not like the taste so much because they were typical Punjabi home food which does differ from home to home...its the taste of food that is very home made so less is spices and masalas so that it can be had everyday... Hope you do make these dishes for i am sure they will be enjoyed as they are different in taste. Generally it is the Gobi that is liked by all...but then again we do have varying tastes. Thanks for liking the Kali dal and bhindi though :)

  11. hi Rajul,
    I tried all the dishes from the punjabi workshop and they turned out amazing...dal makhani, gobi takatak, baiga ka bharta, Kadhi and kurkuri bhendi. Everyone just loved it all. Thank you so much for such wonderful recipes and your teaching style is amazing

  12. attended your Punjabi class today. all the recipes were superb in taste. Black dal was too good and so is dum aloo and gobi. thank you for the amazing class.

  13. Mam i tried Dal makahani, Dum aloo and crispy okara. Everyone just loved it and drooling over it. Thank you for the recipes and teaching it so well.

  14. Addented your workshop and had a wonderful time and the recipes and dishes were so much better than what you get in resturants. the Dal makahani was superb as were the other dishes

  15. Hi i made Kadai Pnaeer and it came out family loved it

  16. Made all the dishes of the punjabi cuisine for my party and they have turned out excellent ...everyone thought i had ordered form a restaurant and could not believe that i had made them thank you for teaching so well.

  17. hey ma'am,
    This week i tried lots of your recipes and your kadai paneer, dal makahani, and panner tikka was a dad just loved them. thank you mam not just for the recipes but for the confidence of trying new recipes and variations...Thank you so much