Workshop on Eggless Cakes

Workshop on  Egg less Cakes is scheduled on 20th December  2014 Saturday 

Explore your passion for baking and learn to make sinfully delicious Cakes

Timing 1:00 pm to 4:30p.m       Fee Rs.900

The following recipes will be demonstrated that day

  • Black forest cake ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Pineapple  Gateaux ( with base sponge and icing)
  • Chocolate Ganache cake ( with base cake and icing)
  • Chocolate Chip Bar cake
  • Cookie Crumble Cake / Cupcake 
  • Ideas to Create Desserts from cake - Jar Cake, Cake pops, Fruit cake rings, Biscotti etc
  • Icing techniques : Rose, Borders, leaves etc will be demonstrated 
  • This class will help you get idea of how to create cakes as well as how to use the various premixes to create your own signature recipes
To register call 9766622662 or email your confirmation

More Desserts

Workshop on  More Desserts  is scheduled for  27th December Saturday 2014

Learn to make some 5 Star quality delectable desserts and enthrall everyone with your presentation skills. Make some healthy breakfast or snack choices with pancakes and crepes

Timing : 1-4:15 p.m                     Fee: 900
The following desserts will be taught.
  • Strawberry Cheesecake
  • Tiramisu,
  • Chocolate hazelnut Crepes 
  • Banana and Dates Pancakes 
  • Mango fantasy
  • Pineapple souffle
  • Icing and Presentations
  • Many variations n ideas
  • Desserts covered are all Eggless ...some are Gelatin based but how to make without Gelatin will also be shown 
To register call 9766622662 or email your confirmations
Registration required


Workshop on Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine workshop is scheduled on  3rd of January 2015 Saturday ...only on receiving confirmations as it being a long weekend

The Favorite cuisine of everyone ... including my kids. its all about Italian food
Timing 1-4:15 p.m.                 Fee Rs 700

The following recipes will be demonstrated
  • Pasta Florentine
  • Spaghetti Neapolitan
  • Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • Jalapeno & cheese croquettes
  • Italian Herb Mix

Along with many tips, ideas and variations
    For registration call 9766622662 or email.

    Workshop on Chinese Cuisine

    The Chinese Cuisine workshop is scheduled for the 10th of January  2015 Saturday 

    Time: 1-4:30 p.m                   Fee Rs 700.
    The following recipes will be demonstrated
    • Veg Manchurian
    • Fried Rice
    • Hakka Noodles
    • Spring Rolls
    • Sweet n sour Veg.
    • Vegetables in hot garlic sauce.
    • Garlic Dip
    • Stir Fry

    To register call 9766622662 or email your confirmation with name and phone number.

    Delhi Style Chaats

    Tangy, Tasty and simply mouth watering Chaats will make any day special
    Workshop on Delhi Style Chaats  is scheduled on  17th January 2014  Saturday 

    Timing 1-4:30 p.m                       Fee: - Rs 700-

    The following recipes will be demonstrated.

    • Dhai Bhala Pari chaat
    • Katori Chaat
    • Noodle Chaat
    • Aloo Chaat
    • Dal Papri Chaat 
    • Ragda Pattice
    • Quick Dosa
    • Exta Recipe: Pani  Puri... Gol Gappa 
    • Extra Recipe: Lentil Soup 
    • Green mint chutney
    • Sweet Tamrind chutney
    • Instant Chutney

    Along with many variations.

    To register:  call or sms to 9766622662 or email your confirmation

    Workshop On Sizzlers

    Workshop on Sizzlers is scheduled on 24th January Saturday 2015

    Timing: 1-4:30 pm.      Fee: Rs: 700

    The following Recipes will be demonstrated that day

    • Veg. Cutlet in Pepper Sauce Sizzler                          
    • Paneer / Tofu Stake in BBQ Sauce Sizzler                                                 
    • Paneer Shaslik
    • Glazed Vegetables
    • Szechwan Sizzling Vegetables Sizzler
    • Sizzler Rice / Noodles 
    • Biscuit cake

    Registration via sms/ email or calling is mandatory 
    For Confirmation please SMS / Call 9766622662 or email to

    Workshop on Quick Bites

    Workshop on Quick Bites is scheduled for   31st January 2015  Saturday 

    Timing 1:00 - 4:15 p.m                  Fee Rs 700
    Add some health to those quick meals so loved by all.....
    The following recipes will be demonstrated

    1. Veg. Burger
    2. Veg Frankie
    3. Swiss circle
    4. Corn Pizatta
    5. Coleslaw Buttons
    6. Tahini Dip
    7. Orange Ice tea

    Along with many tips, variations and more

    For registration call 9766622662 or email with your name and telephone no. Please register prior to attending the class.

    Chocolate Making Workshop

    Basic n Advanced chocolates Along with Creating Desserts from chocolates  is scheduled on
    7th of February   2015 Saturday 

    Timing:  1-4:15 pm             Fee Rs900

    Basic and Advanced chocolate

    • Different flavored flowers
    • Mint leaves
    • Two tone Chocolates
    • Truffle filled chocolate 
    • Caramel / Hazelnut Filled Chocolate
    • Kit Kat type
    • Reeses type
    • Chocolate Lolly pop
    • Brownie Chocolate
    • Chocolate rocks
    • Chocolate boxes
    • Chocolate canapes
    • Chocolate Canapes
    • Chocolate Cups with fresh orange / Strawberry cream
    • Chocolate Mug Cake

     All the desserts are Egg less and gelatin free.
    This class will give you an entire range of making basic to advanced chocolates and some more

    For registration please sms / call 9766622662 or send your confirmations to
    Registration is required

    Workshop on Egg Less Cupcakes

    Workshop on Eggless Cupcake is scheduled on 14th February Saturday 2015
    Cakes with goodness of fresh fruits. For registration please call / sms to 9766622662 or email

    Timing: 1-4 p.m                  Fee:  Rs 900-

    The following recipes will be demonstrated.
    • Mocha cup cakes
    • Dates n Almond Cupcakes
    • Banana Marble cupcakes
    • Orange n Carrots
    • Pina Colada Cup Cakes
    • Apple N Cinnamon Cupcakes 
    • Fresh Cream icing
    • Butter Cream Icing recipe
    • Variations in Flavour

    Workshop on Rice Dishes

    Workshop on "Rice Dishes" is scheduled for the   21st of February 2015 Saturday

    Timing: 1:00 pm to 4:15 p.m          Fee Rs.600:
    The following vegetarian recipes will be demonstrated on that day
    • Hyderabadi Biryani
    • Dum Biryani
    • Mirch Ka salan
    • Supreme Pulao
    • Rice in Paprika sauce
    • Biryani Stir fry
    Along with tips, variations and ideas

    Registration is mandatory
    To register call Plse call 9766622662 or email your confirmation to